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*Kids in-person indoor Faith Time is limited at this time. Please visit our COVID-19 Response page for current worship & program information*


We believe children grow in their faith when they experience God’s love through stories of the faith in the Bible, building trusting relationships, and serving others. We recognize that family and home are the center of faith formation, so our mission is to come alongside parents and support them in guiding a child's faith. When the love of home and light of the church come together, we can have a greater influence on each child to have a lifelong faith. Together we can be Orange!


We offer a variety of options for kids and families during worship on Sunday mornings so you can find the right combination to fit your family's unique needs. All kids must have a completed Annual Registration form on file. The form can be completed online here.



A welcoming and toddler-friendly space set aside in the Worship Center for ages 3 and under to meaningfully engage in worship and play alongside a parent or caregiver.  Siblings are welcome to sit in nearby chairs.

Wiggle Room

A kid-friendly and inviting space for kids of all ages who may need a little break during worship. Bring your own grown-up to play and get the wiggles out! The worship service is live-streamed for listening.

Worship Stations

These stations are located behind the center chair sections and provide quiet activities for kids 4 and up to engage meaningfully in worship. Worship Kits include a “notes” page, pipe cleaners, fruit snacks, crayons, and a sticker. Worship wands and other materials to borrow are also available.

Faith Time 

Faith Time is a special time for kids to gather with friends, share a Bible story, and respond with an activity, game or hands-on experience. We offer Little Kids Faith Time for toddlers through PreK during worship and Big Kids Faith Time for kids in K-4th grade during the Sermon. Little Kids Faith Time is offered every Sunday. Big Kids Faith Time is offered most Sundays during the school year.

CTS Kids Online

We understand there are some Sundays you won't be able to make it to church. Stay connected to what is happening in Faith Time through the CTS Kids Online page where you will find all the weekly videos, parent guides, kids activities, and music to enjoy at home.