PB Flat Jesus.jpg


Summertime is upon us. Flat Jesus is excited to share the summer with you. Stay surprisingly close to your church family while you are on your vacation, stay-cation, in your own backyard or out and about. Take FLAT JESUS along as a reminder that Jesus is with us wherever we go! Who can you share FLAT JESUS with this summer?

What to do with your FLAT JESUS

1. Take your Flat Jesus with you anywhere and everywhere, he packs very easily and weighs nothing, pop him inside a book as a bookmark, then take him with you on your travels.

2. Having a ‘staycation’ then you can photograph Jesus in your garden, with your pet or having fun with your friends, take him to meet your grandchildren or to the coffee shop – the possibilities are endless.

3. Take a photograph of you with FLAT JESUS!

4. Email your picture to rpatras@christthesavior.org and in a few words tell us who you are, where your Flat Jesus picture is and a little about what you are doing.

6. We will use your pictures in church, the website and on social media.